Friday, October 11, 2013

Icons of New Babbage: 211b Jefferson Way (Babbage Square)

Adjoining Hudson's Illuminations in the heart of the City-State of New Babbage, the residence of city's foremost detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes and his associate, Dr. Watson, can be found, frequently engaging in resolving numerous curious goings-on in the City-State.  Ever the gentlemen, visitors are welcome to visit and look around, but please do knock prior to entering!  To visit, please travel to:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Icons of New Babbage: The New Babbage Palaeozoic Museum (Clockhaven)

The old New Babbage Palaeozoic Museum museum used to reside in New Babbage Square (by the old Town Hall), but Miss Elleon Beragamasco relocated it, and it currently resides in Clockhaven.  To visit, please travel to:

... and for more historical information, please visit:

Displays at the museum - Don't Touch!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Read the New Babbage Free Press!

Had the good fortune of coming across the New Babbage Free Press, a dedicated paper for the goings on in the City-State!  From the Rabid Wolves of Wheatstone, to Dr. S. Thornly's Headache Cure for Housewives, from the mysterious green fog in the Canal District, to the wild-eyed Anarchist (a Mr. Bladderstick, who was recently caught in the aformentioned Canal District), the New Babbage Free Press is will "print all the news that will fit"!  Please turn to its abode, located at: , and ensure to return regularly!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Babbage Palisades: Pearse'd & Cut

The spectacular entrance to Pearse'd & Cut

An iconic stalwart of the Steamlands, Mr. E. Pearse's endeavor, Pearse'd and Cut resides in the lovely sim of Babbage Palisades.  As an avid member of the Steamlands, Mr. Pearse has a lengthy involvement with the Steamlands, including a wide selection of genre militaria, and by far the best selection of kilts with appropriate Steamlands tartan patterns (and matching ladies' dresses).

An excellent selection of Steamland militaria is available at Pearse'd and Cut!

Paying excruciating attention to detail, Mr. Pearse not only fashions attire, but the small, every day details that add color and panache to a virtual Steampunk existence, such as gentlemen's shaving accessories, outstanding footwear, and a few firearms as well!

A Steamlands "must-visit" location for men's attire (as well as noted repository of the SL Steamlands history), do stop by at his grounds, located at:

Do pay a visit to Pearse'd & Cuts SL Marketplace locale, found at : .  Also, do visit his outstanding blog, Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic, located at:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

An update for the New Year?!

New Babbage Square, circa December, 2012

As part of my "re-organization" of my Steamland related blogs, I'm going to return to updating the register, albeit sim by sim.  Realizing there are too many unique builds to identify each individually, I'll endeavor to at least point out some of the standout locations from each New Babbage sim.  Additionally, there will be some updates to in-world events, although the best location for said information remains the "non-ning" New Babbage website!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Icons of New Babbage - Loki's Absinthe

One of my favorite early locales to visit in the days when New Babbage consisted of, well, New Babbage Square, was Loki's Absinthe, a beautifully crafted Absinthe bar, located in the heart of the City-State.

It is notable due to is unique green tint (just as the aforementioned absinthe), but beautifully done with a stylish nod to the genre.  I've always loved the look and feel Loki has infused in the distillery (which is in the back, actually).

Once inside, there is plenty of the virtual green fairy to go around, along with excellent seating, booths, and a small gallery on the side with absinthe art work for those piqued by the beverage.

If one desired to obtain a bit more for their own locale, there is plenty green goodness to go around!  Beyond the drink, Loki's is most certainly one of the best representations of a genre beverage locale - one of my favorite locations for Steampunk photography!  To take a peek, please visit the establishment, at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Icons of New Babbage - The Rusty Cog

Back in the "day"... when I would visit New Babbage (after I returned from my RL sea tour), I would look wistfully at my old plot, and indulge in a bit of time at my temporary residence at a bar in New Babbage, (out by the train tracks), called the Rusty Cog.  As one of New Babbage's first clubs, it was a nice, if sparse temporary home during my absence from New Babbage, until my return to the City-State, in Port Babbage, (and my ill-fated store, but that's another story).

The Rusty Cog is noted for its early design, and its minimalism (so to speak).  It has a bar, a comfortable seating area in front of a fire place, a bizarre sea creature in a tank, a small stage... and that's about it.

The old bar, and my small retreat off to the side!

Occasionally I'd run into a resident, visitor, or noob, wandering the "other side" of New Babbage, but for the most part, it was simply a getaway in which one could relax.  I honestly cannot recall the feed of the time, but I'd usually listen to a classical music station, do a bit of blogging (back when no one read the Heliograph), and relax in world with a cigar Mr. Salazar Jack had given me during a pre-meeting of NB individuals in Caledon.

I wonder what happens if I put a finger in here...?

Sadly, I don't think it gets much traffic anymore, but if you happen to be interested in a true icon of New Babbage, do consider a visit, at: